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About Us & Our State Of The Art Products

At Instyle Engineered Stone & Doors, we pride ourselves on utilising top quality materials and skilled workmanship to transform your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, often in a single day.

What distinguishes Instyle Engineered Stone & Doors from others is our remarkable and unique 'top that fits on top'. Unlike others, our materials are 7mm thick, lightweight whilst being especially sturdy, meaning they can be installed over your existing benchtops, without needing to remove your original tops or requiring extra support or underpinnings. If your area is being built from scratch, we can still service you by supplying and installing a new substrate for our stone to cover.


The advantage of Instyle Engineered Stone & Doors is that your work is undertaken without the mess, wastage, hassle and at a fraction of the cost of installing a completely new space. You are able to keep your familiar layout, add onto this, make alterations, whilst saving on extensive rewiring, re-plumbing or demolition.


Our surfaces are made from a mixture of the finest quality natural materials including granite, quartz, and glass. Our materials are combined in a state of the art resin to produce diamond polished surfaces that are scratch resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant.


Instyle Engineered Stone & Doors can replace your benchtops, splashbacks, kickplates, doors, handles and even appliances if you want. As our benchtops are custom made, we can work around existing cabinets, panels and tiles. Our qualified and certified installers can also alter the shape and size of your benchtop, we can also replace old cupboard doors, drawer fronts, panels, hinges and handles with your choice from our designer range.


We provide makeovers you could only dream of at an affordable price. Benchtop makeovers can be completed in as little as a day whilst completed kitchen transformations can take a couple of days. There is the added peace of mind that you will deal with the same people from start to finish and our Engineered Stone comes with a 12 year warranty.


Customers can also enjoy Instyle Engineered Stone & Doors' obligation free in home quotes and colour selections, meaning you can choose colours from our range from the comfort of your own home. Bigger samples and displays of our colours can also be viewed in our showroom.


We offer a practical, affordable and luxury surface that looks stunning, adds style, sophistication and value to your home. As a trusted name in the local renovation market, you know you will be getting superior service and products first time, everytime!

Engineered Stone Bench Tops
Engineered Stone Bench Tops

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Engineered Stone Bench Tops

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